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Stephen Kirkup - Originally from Rothbury has had a lifelong passion for cattle and sheep. Many of his earlier days being spent farming with his uncle and grandfather.

After graduating from Seale Hayne College in Devon a series of lambing jobs where a chance meeting with Juliet Davies provided an opportunity of working for a livestock marketing company. That was in September 1988. In the next few years Stephen learnt a lot buying and selling stock all over the UK and throughout Europe, gaining an extensive network of contacts all the while. In June 1997 Stephen returned home and started trading in his own name, operating on a least cost basis the aim was to provide a better marketing service than was on offer anywhere else. Over time and primarily through recommendation, the business has grown and grown with annual turnover now exceeding £15 million. 2015 was a great personal year for Stephen marrying long term partner Sophie and achieving another ambition in buying a small farm.

The core business is deadweight marketing of lambs. We are main procurement agents for Randall Parker Foods and very proud of our working relationship with them and their primary customer Sainsbury`s.

Through RPF organic lamb is marketed to a number of premium retailers including Waitrose amongst others. Latterly we have established a similar relationship with Dunbia Preston for both export and to Asda. Post Brexit vote the weakness of sterling is providing more export opportunity, our reputation for delivering is enabling us to make the most of this for selling farmers. We are involved with a number of trials to improve the industry for all, eg RamCompare. Increasingly large numbers of breeding stock of a known health status on a national basis are sold.

Continuity of supply and tractability for retail customers is achieved by linking store producers to finishers with better resources.

Mike Northwood
Started with us as in June 2007.

Originates from Leicestershire but now lives in the North Tyne Valley. Having attended Brooksby Agricultural College, over the years, Mike has had a series of increasingly responsible shepherding jobs, his prime job being shepherd on the world renowned Chatsworth Estate in Derbyshire for 14 years. Mike has been a keen sheepdog trialler since 1986, with some success. He has run for England in the International Sheepdog Trials and judged both the English National and International Sheepdog trials.

He is a Director in the International Sheepdog Society. Additionally Mike also runs his own dog semen business , helping to ensure sheepdog breeding lines are maintained throughout the world.

Allan Murray
Allan Joined the team May 2011.

Prior to this he spent 30 years at ADAS Redesdale, during which time he was involved in a wide range of ‘Breeding & Feeding’ trials, and was Project Officer for the English sheep EID project and coordinated a successful Sheep Scab eradication programme on 64 local farms, Was North of England representative on the Blackface Council and the Development Board and secretary of the local farmers Redesdale Discussion Group.

 Following the closure of ADAS Redesdale, spent three years working as a Farming Officer for the Northumberland National Park, based in Rothbury. Keen sportsman, did enjoy playing football, now confined to cricket and golf

Patrick Brothers
We use a number of haulage contractors nationally however we trust the majority to Hylton and Douglas Patrick. They provide a tremendous service everyday and there "can do" attitude is one of the reasons for our continuing success.

Other than that we all have (and need!) a sense of humour and a work hard / play hard attitude to life.  We are dedicated to what we do and are available at all times,viewing our role like farming as a lifestyle not just an occupation.

Stephen Kirkup