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Sold week ending 24th July 2020

4848 sheep and 38 cattle

Standard lambs: 15 to 22kg £4.55 to £4.85
Most averages mid nineties and some top runs £98+
Beltex: base price £4.55 to £4.70 easing. Best £5.15 and 113
Organic: £5.30 to £5.40 with a lot more available
A big increase in Northern numbers and with only a slight drop in values taken up with strong demand, no doubt helped by the Muslim festival of Eid ul-Adha at the end of this coming week.
August sees two other festivals that will influence demand, on the 20th the Islamic New Year Muharram then on the 29th Ashura.

Stand on. Clean £3.55 to £3.65 with Angus £3.85. Cows £3.00 to £3.10

Breeding sheep
Strong early demand has seen us agree sales of 1000 plus of all types in the last seven days.
Sheep are in good order and in line with prime/cull values are up in value on the year.
We have buyers for most sorts waiting with more stock needed.
Some specifics, for example Suffolk x ewes are in short nationally short supply so equally suggest you let us know early your requirements.
With certain sales cancelled we have a good number of tups for on farm selection.