Prime Sheep

This is the core of our business

We specialise in the deadweight marketing of lambs direct from the farm.
Welfare is priority: All abattoirs we work with stun at slaughter and all have CCTV throughout.
All lambs must be Farm Assured.
Only hand picked ABM approved hauliers used.
Our minimum standard pick is 30 lambs.
Working with leading processors and retailers matching stock to demand to achieve premium prices with minimal costs.
We are very proud of our strong relationships with Sainsbury`s, Asda and Waitrose.
Equally after the the Bexit vote a weak £ has made the UK very competitive for export and we have niche orders at top prices
Targeting stock for specific demand for both hometrade and export opportunities.
Outlets for all weights: and under, 15 to 22kg and 23kg and over.
Organic lambs at a premium 52 weeks of the year
Organising timing and transport for least stress to farmer and stock.
From our Northumberland base we now market in the region of 200,000 lambs annually.

How does it work?

We work collaboratively with farmers, processors and retailers.
Reliability and volume gains us above average returns for the correct stock.
Only work with trustworthy processors.
Lambs collected from farm and moved direct to the abattoir.
Full tracability and transparency.
Small advantages at each stage gives significant benefit to sheep, producer and end-users.

What do we do?

Always do what we say!
Keep it simple and take the hassle out of marketing.
Price stock on a pro-active basis we set the price!
Select stock if required and practicality allows.
Match batches of lambs to demand for best average return,
Book stock in, provide all paperwork and organise transport.
Communicate weights/grades and sort any problems.
Act as principal and ensure your payment.

terms of trade here

What do you do?

Tell us what you have and when you want to sell.
Ensure your stock is ready and fit for purpose.
Have all necessary paperwork in


Many of our farmers and Randall Parker Foods have worked with us since we started in 1997