Terms of trade

Privately owned by Stephen Kirkup. We are livestock agents


We act as principal and pay the producer for the stock.
Our payment terms are within 14 days, by BACS preferably though cheques on request.
Payment is made according to deadweight and grade.
Original paperwork from the processor will be supplied.
We will never pay less than quoted – but will pay more if we can get it!
Weights and grades will be normally be emailed within 24 hours. Payment advice's are posted.
Any discrepancy in numbers must be notified within 48 hours.
Sheep are priced on an ex-farm basis. i.e. the buyer pays the transport costs.
Prime cattle are priced on a delivered basis i.e. producer pays transport costs.
It is your responsibility to send stock fit for purpose, i.e. clean and healthy with correct ear-tags and relevant documentation completed.
In normal circumstances all loaded stock will be paid for:
A death on the lorry is the hauliers responsibility.
In the abattoir lairage is the abattoir’s responsibility.
Any stock deemed unfit for purpose will not be paid for. Supporting information/photos will be provided
Any carcase condemned by the MHS as unfit will not be paid for.
Original MHS paperwork will be supplied.

Standard deductions on sheep:

Flat commission of £1.25 (+vat) / head + abattoir levy

Standard deductions on cattle:

Flat commission of £15.00(+vat) / head +abattoir levy + transport

Store and Breeding Stock

1. Where we know the seller our normal payment terms are 14 days of stock movement by cheque posted first class
2. If we do not know the seller as a sign of good faith we will offer to pay for the stock on/or before movement.
3. Known purchasers with a proven trading history will be offered credit terms of 14 days.
4. New purchasers will be asked to pay for stock prior to movement.
5. Title to stock remains with “Stephen Kirkup Livestock” until payment is received.
6. Risk of stock passes on delivery
7. Warranty. Stock is warranted to meet its description in terms of number, sex, breed, age, type, breeding ability and health status. Any discrepancy should be notified within 48 hours of delivery. Examples include: Tup lambs in stores. Wether lambs in ewe lambs. Scanned inlamb only constitutes they are in lamb. Running with the tup does not guarantee in lamb. A warranted draft breeding ewe will have 8 teeth and be correct in the udder. Store heifers proving to be be incalf are due a refund of 1/3 or return of beast plus keep. Incorrect castration of steers. Infertile breeding stock must be supported by a vet certificate
8. A transfer document listing medication will be supplied. (available by email or in the post)
9. On stock sold per head an estimated weight is given as a guide only. It is a best estimate and is not warranted.
10. Paperwork and ear-tags. It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure all ear-tags are in place. Passports will travel with stock. A list of ear numbers will be provided. Any relevant documentation in terms of organic certification or farm assurance will be provided.
11. Transport. Stock is normally sold on an ex-farm basis. On occasion a deal may be done on a delivered price.
12. Guarantee. If we send you stock unseen and it does not meet your expectations we will remove the stock. Subject to DEFRA standstill rules. No compensation will be offered.
13. Dispute. If a dispute occurs we will look to arbitrate a fair and reasonable settlement.
14. Liability. Our total liability shall not exceed the value of the supplied stock.
Standard commission on store and breeding stock 2.25% + vat
Standard commission on individual breeding stock 4.00% + vat

New clients wishing to sell stock with us

Prime Stock

Farm assurance is a minimum requirement for the majority of our processors.
Organic stock must also be fully farm assured.
Any geographic location is possible, however volume of stock and location will determine the options we can offer.
We will take up references prior to accepting your stock for sale.
On occasion practicality may mean we ask a known third party to assess stock on our behalf.

If we can sell them we will……….
if we can’t we will tell you!

Store and Breeding Stock

In the first instance please contact us to discuss valuation and marketing.
If possible we will visit you to assess your stock.
In some cases with your consent we may ask a third party to assess stock on our behalf.
We will accept your photographs and descriptions.
If photos are of insufficient quality to use we will advise on how to make them better!
Photographs must be of the actual stock for sale, we will have zero tolerance in this matter.
There is no fee for stock that is offered but not sold.
We will act in a fair and proper manner and expect that same courtesy in return
We have the right to refuse or reject any stock that is offered at any time.